Me & Mrs Jones

Me & Mrs JonesMe & Mrs JonesMe & Mrs Jones

Unique, boutique and undeniably chic, Me and Mrs Jones is the North Coast’s original authentic luxury, lifestyle hotel. The most attractive in its area, the quirky-modern hotel décor has been carefully chosen and boasts a sense of space and opulence throughout.

Our uniquely designed and trendy bar offers a fresh perspective to classic cocktails and to your every day drink. Behind our menu is a team of passionate bartenders that carries each drink to it’s epitome. Our Signature cocktails transpire effortlessly with complex flavours with each ingredient  being selected in a meticulous process that will bring you on new flavour journey.

Take a seat beside our open fires, listen to our collection of Jazz, ragtime and blues and just relax!

Your next favourite drink awaits you.

Luxurious, quirky and extravagant! Yes, that is us, and we will make sure you know that! With each room we have taken a gamble, going wild with our décor, showcasing who we are.

Give us a visit, spend the night and experience what we are all about. Stop dreaming about it… now is the time!

Don’t wait for sleep to dream!