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Malmaison Glasgow Malmaison Glasgow Malmaison Glasgow

Malmaison Glasgow

278 West George Street
G2 4LL
Tel: +44 (0)141 572 1000

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You expect us to do outlandish conversions of character buildings. This one's no different. A former Episcopal church, the Glasgow Mal could be for you. High on West George Street an energetic jaunt up from the Glasgow's busy shopping hub, we like to think we make a convert of you. Converting you to a proper foodie - we can do. Converting you a lover of great wine and cocktails (You're probably halfway there on this one already) Converting you to slinky style. It may not change your life. But it'll certainly make for a great stay. 

You wake from your slumber and step into a shower so strong that it must have come from some higher power. Once dressed you glance across at the toiletries with thoughts of slipping them innocently into your luggage (the label told you to do so you'll tell the judge if caught). Later while checking your email you wonder, which is the greater sin? To steal the toiletries or to miss out on the Steak Frites in the brasseriedown in the basement? Looks like you're heading below for your sins.Malmaison Glasgow has 72 sumptuous rooms and super slinky-suites. 

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