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Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club

Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club

Chapel Lane
Forest Row
East Sussex
RH18 5LR
Tel: +44 (0)1342 822018

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Royal Ashdown Forest, founded in December 1888, is one of the longest established golf clubs in Sussex.

The Old Course having been started in January 1889 and completed, amazingly, in May just five months later, when the first Spring Meeting was held, is still distinguished by its completely natural layout using only the characteristic contours of the land and the indigenous hazards of the forest to snare a wayward shot.

The West Course, although somewhat shorter and not quite as venerable, is equally well defended by natural characteristics. Constructed and maintained in close collaboration with the Conservators of the Forest and governed by Acts of Parliament first passed in 1885, both courses will test any golfer's ability to the full, except the need to play from a bunker, as there are none. Streams, heather, bracken, grassy pits and undulations are the natural hazards whilst the fairways and greens offer the perfect terrain from which to strike a golf ball. Adding the aesthetic beauty of the location in this famous forest gives the prospect of an unforgettable golfing experience. You should of course, beware of small bears and bouncing tigers!!

The club welcomes societies and visitors in general whilst suggesting that a call to the Secretary's office prior to arrival will ensure that play is permissible on any particular day. We also require our visitors to respect our dress code and our playing format restrictions where 3-ball and 4-ball play is allowed on the West Course, with 2-balls only on the Old Course unless previously agreed with the Secretary.