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Stonehill Road
KT16 0AQ
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Queenwood is a private golf club, enjoyed by its small and very exclusive membership and their invited guests; however it is not open to visitors or casual green fee payers. The following description comes courtesy of David McLay Kidd, the course's Scottish-born designer : the site is tranquil parkland, in an area well known for its classic courses, including Sunningdale, Walton Heath, Woking, Swinley Forest, and more.

Queenwood returns to the heathland traditions of the courses noted above, all of which have stood the test of time. Heather is a key design element at Queenwood, employed both for its strategic and aesthetic values, most notably on the bunker faces. They are pretty to look at but brutal to escape when a ball holds up in the heather.

The routing optimizes the full site, zigging and zagging, constantly changing direction and exploring the relatively open landscape, which gives the course an expansive feel.