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Newcastle United Golf Club

Newcastle United Golf Club

Ponteland Road
Tyne & Wear
Tel: +44 (0)191 286 9998

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The Club was formed on 4th June 1892 at a meeting in Lockharts Cocoa Rooms in Clayton Street, Newcastle. The first records in the Golfing Journal of the time show it as being named NEWCASTLE UNITED WORKMEN'S GOLF CLUB which signified that it was for the benefit of all classes, not only the rich and titled, and the spirit of friendship continues to this day.

Many people believe that we have connections with the other club of that name namely, the football club. Although it is true that many of the footballers have played the course and still do, none are members at this time.

When we chose our name there was no other Newcastle United only the East-end and West-end Football Clubs which amalgamated later and registered the name in the December of that year but I am told, did not use it for several years.

Old Drynie