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Nelson Golf Club

Nelson Golf Club

Kings Causeway
Tel: +44 (0)1282 611834

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The Nelson Golf Club was founded in 1902 at Kibble Bank ( 9 holes ). The Club then moved to Marsden heights in 1917, with the official opening of the clubhouse early in 1921. A steep ascent of about a mile out of town brings one to the clubhouse, some 900 feet above sea level.

Visitors are able to reward themselves on arrival with the finest series of panoramic views of landscape it is possible to imagine. The remarkable thing about the course, however, is that it is by no means tiring. It is undulating, but it has been skilfully planned to avaoid any wearisome climbing. The course is laid out in two loops of nine. Visit Nelson Golf Club and you will be assured of a warm welcome and you will be able to enjoy a challenging round of golf anf then be able to relax in the clubhouse and savour excellent catering.