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Loudoun Gowf Club

Loudoun Gowf Club

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The first question usually asked about Loudoun Gowf Club is why "Gowf Club"?

It would appear that the Gowf Field of Loudoun, so called as far back as records are available, was the private golf field of the Campbell family of Loudoun Castle and had been in existence from the early sixteenth century. Golf or "Gowf" (the old Scottish word for golf) has been played on these fields for over 400 years. It is believed that this ground has never at any time been under the plough in all these years.

One can therefore appreciate why the turf at Loudoun is unique and probably among the finest of any inland course. Hampden Park, the legendary home of the Scottish national football team, was returfed from the rough along the road side around 1920.

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