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Hesketh Golf Club

Hesketh Golf Club

Cockle Dicks Lane
off Cambridge Road
Tel: +44 (0)1704 536897

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Set amidst the towering Victorian villas of Southport's premier residential area - Hesketh Park - is The Hesketh Golf Club, the town's oldest golf club, founded in 1885. Standing alone on the crest of a tall sandhill, the clubhouse dominates the golf course, and the surrounding district.

The course is at the northern end of south-west Lancashire`s sand dune system, which is the home of so many great golf courses. Professional championship golf has been played on these famous old links from the club`s earliest days, and we co-hosted the Amateur Championship in 2011. 

The Club offers visiting golfers a series of open competitions including a weeklong golfing festival every August and a competitive range of golfing packages are available to visitors and societies alike.

Hesketh is also home to the 'Golf Prize of Nations Trophy', an important piece of Hesketh’s history that celebrates the exploits of Hesketh’s Arnold Bentley and Bridlington’s Tommy Thirsk who won the Baden Baden golf event played in association with the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.