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The Gleneagles Hotel & Golf Resort

The Gleneagles Hotel & Golf Resort

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The Gleneagles Hotel and resort offers the chance to play on three of the finest championship golf courses in Scotland:

  • The PGA Centenary Course – venue for the 40th Ryder Cup Matches in 2014.
  • The famous King’s Course
  • The secluded Queen’s Course

The nine-hole PGA National Academy Course is perfect for a warm-up round or for golfers just starting out.

At the state of the art PGA National Golf Academy, professional coaches improve the performance of enthusiastic beginners and advanced players alike, using the latest computer software to analyse your game.

Whether you are a leading pro or an enthusiastic beginner, the Gleneagles golf courses offer an exhilarating test for any golfer, making your Scottish golfing vacation the holiday of a lifetime.

Gleneagles is proud to be Host Venue of The 2014 Ryder Cup.

We are also delighted to have hosted the Junior Ryder Cup Matches in 2010.

Golf at the Gleneagles® Hotel is a blend of natural experience and golfing adventure on three championship golf courses set in the splendour of the Perthshire hills in Scotland.

The golf courses were the inspiration of two of the world's most famous golfers, James Braid, five times winner of the Open Championship who designed the King's and Queen's, and Jack Nicklaus, Golfer of the 20th Century, who created the PGA® Centenary Course.

The PGA Centenary Course, created by Jack Nicklaus, is a modern classic, combining the best of both the Queen's and King's, and will be host to the 2014 Ryder Cup. 

The King's Course, opened in 1919, is a masterpiece of design, which has tested the aristocracy of golf, both professional and amateur. 

The natural beauty of the Queen's Course inspires the world's most experienced players.