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Dunscar Golf Club

Dunscar Golf Club

Longworth Lane
Bromley Cross
Tel: +44 (0)1204 303321

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Dunscar Golf Club was founded in 1908 and is situated in the valley of Galebrook between Turton Heights and Winter Hill. Though only 3 miles from the centre of Bolton, Dunscar offers peace, tranquility and fine uninterrupted views.

Dunscar is an 18 hole moorland course and is a challenge to golfers of all levels At 5982 yds it is not a short course and you need to pace yourself accordingly. Grass growth on the course is sturdy and there is an abundance of heather and gorse.

As the course is quite open to the elements, the wind can often be a tough challenge, very similar to a links course with swirls, eddies and gusts that you would normally associate with a seaside venue.

It is not uncommon to see a herd of deer whilst playing a round and encountering a number of pheasants is not unusual The third hole - The Watermans, is surrounded with scenery that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up regardless of what time of day you play.

The whole valley opens up before you with the backdrop of Winter Hill on the left and Turton Heights on the right, as well as the various stretches of water in the distance. The 16th hole - The Quarry, is one of the most picturesque holes on the course.

It is a short par three with fir trees on the left, four bunkers on the right with heather and gorse surrounding the front. The 12th and 17th also offer some very scenic views. All in all, Dunscar is a very attractive and charming course.