Castle Point Golf Club Essex

Waterside Farm Somnes Avenue Canvey Island



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Castle Point Golf Club Essex

Castle Point Golf Club is now a private members club located on the public golf course on Canvey Island.

The Golf Course is a flat, semi Links type, affected by a prevailing SW wind and built on reclaimed costal salt marsh. This land had previously been used as grazing farmland prior to construction of the Course.

The main features are the stunning views across Hadleigh Castle and Downs, the constructed Sea Wall, which is part of the Thames Barrier system and runs along the northern side of the Course and the numerous drainage ditches and dykes built in the 1600’s by Dutch engineers.

It was the Dutch Settlers of the 16th century who were responsible for reclaiming most of the Land that is now present day Canvey Island. At it’s lowest point, the Course is approx 4 feet below sea level.

The idea to form a Golf Club came from the inaugural public meeting in the Paddocks Community Hall on Wednesday 9th March 1988.

This meeting was originally called by Castle Point District Council to present the newly opened 18 hole golf course to the community with the hope of forming a local public members Golf Club.

The inaugural public meeting was also attended by a number of local golf societies and a steering group was established from a cross section of both the societies and interested members of the public who were present. The objective was to set up a Golf Club and Constitution, which would enable competitive golf to be played with affiliation to the English Golf Union.

The steering group took approximately 3 months to set up the necessary requirements of affiliation and a membership scheme. During April that year the Course was measured and given a SSS of 69 by the Essex County Golf Union and was officially opened by the Hon. Dennis Thatcher.