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Carrbridge Golf Club

Carrbridge Golf Club

Inverness Road
PH23 3AU
Tel: +44 (0)1479 841623

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Scotland, together with its many other attributes, is renowned for golf courses and Carrbridge Golf Club, providing a nine-hole golf course with full facilities in the Highlands of Scotland enjoys this fame.

It is a lively, vibrant, dedicated Scottish Golf Club amidst some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever wish to see. Here you can be sociable or solitary, enter Scottish Golf competitions or matches even, as the mood dictates, soaking up the atmosphere whilst you enjoy your game. The natural hazards present at each hole, in the form of burns, ditches, lie of the land together with the preservation of as much native flora as can be afforded, makes this at once a thought provoking and delightful course on which to play.

Golf is a pursuit that enjoys no age limits, beyond the capability of holding an iron. From Junior through to Senior, member and visitor alike, this Scottish nine-hole golf course will present a challenging, exciting and healthy game for all, 7 days a week, weather and course conditions permitting and its fun. Why not take the first 'swing' - you will not regret it. A hearty Highland welcome awaits anyone, golfer or not, ready to visit and enjoy all that this Scottish Golf Course in the Highlands of Scotland has to offer.

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