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Canmore Golf Club

Canmore Golf Club

Venturefair Avenue
KY12 0PE
Tel: +44 (0)1383 724969

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The course at canmore golf club has been at its present site since1902. Until 1913 the course consisted of nine holes with the present third being the original first. In 1914 the course layout changed to eighteen with the help of mr Ben Sayers of Berwick. Soon after the opening of the new course, most of it was given up to help with the war effort mainly for the purpose of drying netted flax.

The course was given back to the club in 1921 and by the following year, redesigned, was fully operational. This lasted until 1941 when again, most of the course was given up for the war effort - this time in the form of cultivated land. The course was again given back to the club in 1946, again redesigned, and with the exception of a few minor changes this is the current layout. In recent years many trees have been added to the course, creating a more defined layout.

Canmore is an interesting challenge for golfers at all levels of ability and being of moderate length ideal for two rounds in one day. It provides a good test with rewards for accuracy and a good short game.