Arkley Golf Club Hertfordshire

Arkley Golf  Club Hertfordshire

Around the turn of the century, the small civic parish of Arkley consisted of 130 residents, 608 acres of permanent grassland and 46 acres of arable land. It was to this part of Barnet that attracted the more prosperous local tradesmen and influential gentry to build their homes and develop their own social groups, one of which was the Arkley Music Society.

At a meeting of this society on 16th March 1909, members were told that a 27 acre field owned by Lord Strafford could be acquired for a rental of £45 per year, and was of sufficient size to develop as a small nine hole golf course. It was therefore decided to acquire this land and a committee was formed to commence negotiations.

The original committee consisted of seven members, with H.G.Rowley acting as Honorary Secretary and eighth member of the team. It was estimated that the initial outlay would be £150 to clear and level the ground, construct greens and purchase a starting hut. One week later, once the area had been acquired, it was decided to call the project The Arkley Golf Club.

The official opening of the club took place on 17th August 1909 by Lord Enfield. In 1929 the Barnet Urban District Council acquired the land from its previous owner and informed the club that, subject to the return of the area on Arkley Common, they would be prepared to extend the course to 46 acres and grant a 21 year lease to the club. J.H.Taylor, ex-Open Champion and Professional at Mid-Surrey Golf Club, and James Braid, Professional at Walton Heath Golf Club were asked to submit their proposals for a new course design to incorporate the larger area of land acquired. It was Braid’s design for 9 holes with 18 tees that was adopted.

Little has changed with the layout – a few more trees and bunkers. In 2002 the Club purchased a 180 year lease from Barnet Council securing the Club’s future. Arkley remains a gem in Hertfordshire golf which is enjoyed by members and visitors alike.