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Killeen House Hotel Killeen House Hotel Killeen House Hotel

Killeen House Hotel

Lakes of Killarney
Co. Kerry

Tel: +353 (0)64 6631711
Fax: +353 (0)64 6631811
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Golf courses near Killeen House Hotel

Killarney, the name alone says it all! Images of championship golf, incredible angling, unparalleled scenery and leisure facilities spring immediately to mind. Killeen House Hotel is just 10 minutes drive from the centre of Killarney and only 5 minutes from Killeen and Mahoneys Point golf courses. History is unclear as to whether Conrad Hilton had Aghadoe in mind when he declared the three most important criteria for any hotel -Location, Location, Location!

There are 23 bedrooms in total, and very nice rooms they are too! Every one of them has bath and shower (with super water pressure), radio, TV, 'phone and all that stuff. There are 8 of them that Geraldine and Michael built on a couple of years back - they somewhat modestly called them the 'Championship' Rooms. These are extra large and very classy, so if you really want to spoil yourself why not check them out? 

The Pub in the Killeen House is truly a unique spot. It has been described as the 'Hub of the Golfing Universe'. - probably because it's the only place in the Universe that accepts Golf Balls as Legal Tender! Hence the thousands of balls that adorn it's walls. Mind you, the service can be pretty dicey in there, so it's just as well that Guests are actively encouraged to DIY (do it yourself). If a Guest asks "When does the Pub close?", the normal answer is "Round about the middle of November!"  

There are several world class golf courses within driving distance (no pun intended) of the Killeen House.  

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